Our Objectives

In recognition of the growing Whisky industry in Tasmania and the increasing success of Tasmanian whiskies, nationally and internationally, together with the willingness of our State Government to assist this new industry it is hoped through this Association to create an iconic identity for what is Tasmanian Whisky, produced to the highest achievable quality and aiming to be the best in the world through the following objectives:
  • To Establish and promote Tasmania as being Australia’s foremost whisky region (Tasmania – Australia’s Whisky Island).
  • To participate in jointly marketing Tasmania as Australia’s foremost whisky region where the opportunity arises.
  • To support the objectives of the Australian Distillers Association and its objectives.
  • To promote the responsible sale and consumption of alcohol.
  • To represent and advance the interests of the community of Tasmanian Distillers and independent bottlers of Tasmanian Whisky.
  • Whilst recognising the importance of other Tasmanian spirits, the focus of the Association is Tasmanian Whisky and its ingredients.
  • To define Tasmanian Whiskies and to establish a Tasmanian Whisky Appellation, for each category, backed by legislation and protected by this Association.
  • Tasmanian whisky must be produced in Tasmanian from new make whisky spirit distilled in Tasmania, and distilled from grains only. Tasmanian new make spirit must be matured and bottled in Tasmania and be free of any artificial colourings and flavourings.
  • To monitor and encourage the correction or removal of any misleading labeling or marketing material to ensure that the integrity of the Tasmanian whisky industry is maintained.


Produce high quality, handcrafted, artisanal whisky and other spirits from the Southern Hemisphere’s Whisky Isle

Select quality Tasmanian ingredients and ensure cask selection is considered carefully, to combine to deliver high quality whiskies that are unique to this State

Collaborate and work closely within our community to ensure visitors are …